Fmr. Taylor County correctional officer accused of sexually assaulting an inmate

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MEDFORD, Wis. (WSAW) -- A former corrections officer with the Taylor County Sheriff's Office is facing one charge of second degree sexaul assuault by correctional staff after being accused of having sex with an inmate.

File: Taylor County Courthouse

Bailee Cheever, 25, will make her initial appearance in court in February where she is scheduled to be formally charged.

According to court documents, a corrections officer emailed then-Taylor County Chief Deputy Larry Woebbeking in September, 2018 saying that several officers have noticed Cheever having extended visits with an inmate. Woebbeking then asked the Marathon County Sheriff's Office to investigate.

Cheever told detectives that she had sexual contact and sexual intercourse with an inmate in the jail's med room while on duty. She also told detectives she sent numerous text messages to the inmate and would hold lengthy conversations over the intercom system while at work, totaling more than three hours during the course of four days.

Detectives learned the text messaging happened outside of Cheever's work hours, as inmates at the jail have texting capability.

Cheever told detectives the inmate was "very charismatic" and that things got "carried away."

Detectives state the conduct happened over a month's time between August and September, 2018. This was Cheever's first corrections officer position. She began working there in July, 2018 and was assigned third shift.

While the criminal complaint states she has remains employed at the county, in August the Taylor County human resources manager told 7 Investigates Cheever had already left employment with the department.

Price County District Attorney Mark Fuhr is prosecuting the case.