Fmr. Blossoms and Bows owner takes on first Valentine's Day in new role

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- Valentine's Day is one of the busiest days for flower shops.

Charmaine Prewitt says Valentine's Day is the single busiest day for florists. While Mother's Day is overall busier than Valentine's Day, she says Mother's Day is often celebrated over the week; Valentine's Day is generally celebrated on just that single day.

Prewitt would know, she has been a florist since 1974 when she opened her shop, Blossoms and Bows with her husband. They expanded, setting up shops in other parts of central Wisconsin and in the mid-'80s, were one of the first in the area to bring flower shops into hospitals and supermarkets.

"A lot of adventurous things when we were younger," she said.

This Valentine's Day is the first in her new role as Floral Leader at Trig's. She joined after Blossoms and Bows in Wausau burned in April last year.

"It is just wonderful to be back with flowers and seeing a lot of the old customers that I've had through my business and now carrying over following me through here at Trig's," she said.

She said Thursday she and her team were at the shop until nearly the next day getting floral arrangements ready, then getting in early to get the day started with deliveries and last-minute customers.

Her favorite part is talking with the customers.

"There are all sorts of wonderful occasions that we are able to help accentuate and make their emotions come through the flowers," she said.

You can expect her to continue helping to guide customers through showing their love through flowers for years to come.

"I'm not looking to retire. It's too much fun," she said.