Firefighters ask home owners to keep their fire hydrants clear

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- Firefighters were able to put out Tuesday night's fire in the Village of Maine because the owner's kept their fire hydrant clear of snow.

Photo of business fire in the Village of Maine taken 12-17-19 (WSAW photo)

"If you can keep a three foot radius around the fire hydrant, clear of the snow and ice," said Battalion Chief Jeremy Kopp, with the Wausau Fire Department. "It makes it a lot easier if we do get an emergency. It's a lot easier for us to get to the hydrant, make a quick water supply hookup and move forward with fighting our fire."

Kopp also added that clearing a hydrant can make a huge difference because a fire can double in size in just two minutes.

Wausau fire crews also said its something everyone should do.