Finding the right food for your dog

Published: Dec. 10, 2019 at 5:48 PM CST
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According to a recent survey conducted by Champion Petfoods, 87% of dog owners say it’s important that their dog’s food is full of natural proteins. Particularly for pet parents of dogs with food sensitivities, it’s important to understand the benefits of pet foods with the right ingredients, that your dog will also love.

The survey also showed that nearly 30% of dog owners will be spending between $26-$50 on their pet this holiday season and nearly half of pet owners said they will give their pet scraps from the table on special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or their birthday.

But you want to be be able to keep your pets on a nutritious diet.

Dr. Darcia Kostiuk joined NewsChannel 7 at 4 via satellite from New York to explain how to find the best dog food.

"When people try to determine what they want to feed their animal, is to take a look at the dog in front of them and see what he likes, as well as when you take a look at the dog food panel, read all the ingredients."

She added that their are many benefits to having limited ingredients in your dog food.

"[They're] basically saying there's a single source protein. It helps me determine which protein a dog may be reacting to, should they be having a food sensitivity. We also find that dogs who don't have food sensitivities, sometimes they're just picky on what kind of protein they like."

For more information visit or talk to your local veterinarian.

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