Female coach leads Ashland boys basketball

Published: Dec. 1, 2019 at 8:33 PM CST
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The Wausau West gym played host to the Turkey Shootout Saturday, and in attendance were the Ashland Oredockers. Their head coach is not who you would expect.

"I am the head boys basketball coach at Ashland High School," said Lisa Karau.

Karau is a Mosinee alumna who coached in Tomahawk after college. It was during her time there when she was offered the position.

"They offered me the position. Then, they asked me 'Are you interested in being the head boys basketball coach?' and I was like, you know it kind of crossed my mind that 'Woah. It was something scary to take on', and again, I was given the opportunity, and I was like 'I would love to because I love basketball, and it's no different coaching at the women's level or men's level,'" said Karau.

There aren't many women who coach boys basketball teams in our area, but there is another coach who encouraged Kraus to take the position.

"Actually being in Tomahawk, I saw the Prentice coach, who I met at the WBCA clinic, and we were able to talk, and she was my inspiration of like, women can do this too," said Karau. "When I was offered the position, I was like 'I'm definitely going for it. I'm not going to give up this opportunity.'"

The tournament was a homecoming for Karau, who said she enjoys seeing familiar opponents.

"It's great," said Karau. "It's a great feeling to see familiar faces and to be able to coach against familiar faces. You know, I was probably one of the players that they used to coach against. It's cool for them to see me when I was younger and coming up and stepping up, and now, they see me as a head coach."

Karau wants her experience to be an example for you girls. That there's no limit to what they can do.

"I'm a physical education teacher, and I see all of the younger kids everyday, and I even tell the boys I'm the head boys basketball coach, and they give me a look, but I tell the girls anything is possible," said Karau. "You just have to want it."