Farmers can't get a break with the unusual weather this year

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MARATHON COUNTY, Wis. (WSAW) -- It's been a rough start for area farmers. Winter hit them hard and the rain isn't helping.

"I've never experienced this," said Ken Seehafer, Owner of Seehafer Dairy.

Ken Seehafer has been farming his whole life and his farm centers around corn and hay for his cows. But there isn't much hay this season. "It's defiantly challenging so on top of the wet weather we were hit by winter kill on our hay ground. So we lost majority of hay ground. There is a lot of work to do," explained Seehafer.

When farmers can't get out in the field there is still plenty of work to be done. "Growing up on a farm you can always find things to do. There is maintenance, there is cleaning and there is always things to do," said Seehafer.

Even though they are behind, Seehafer says the harvest will still happen. "We've been kind of stretched here the last year or two but it continues. I always say it's not cancer so we will survive."

Seehafer says this type of weather is unusual and they're praying for dry days.