Farm to Fork: Wisconsin's growing power of ginseng

Ginseng on the wood background
Ginseng on the wood background(WSAW)
Published: Sep. 11, 2017 at 7:42 AM CDT
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The the first year, Wausau will celebrate ginseng with the inaugural International Ginseng Festival.

The festival will take place over three days, September 15-17, 2017 at downtown Wausau’s 400 Block city square park and along adjoining streets.

To talk about how it's grown, Sunrise welcomed Kirk Baumann of Bumann's Ginseng.

Ginseng is a prized perennial Herb, in the form of a root, that the Chinese use in their practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The version of Ginseng grown in central Wisconsin is native to North America and is scientifically referred to as Panax Quinquefolious.

Wisconsin has the perfect climate and Glaciated soil conditions that give our Ginseng it's unparalled flavor and active medicinal qualities which are highly sought after by end users in Asia.

The Chinese believe to be healthy the body must be in balance, one commonly hears this referred to as Ying and Yang. It is believed that American Ginseng helps to achieve that goal. In the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, ginseng is used for a variety of things; to boost your immune system, aid in control of blood sugars, cool the body, deal with stress and is very good for fatigue. American medical research pales in comparison to the research done in China but of recent and of somewhat local nature, was research performed by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Mn, using our Wisconsin Ginseng.

To cook with ginseng, Sunrise 7 was joined by Chef Travis Teska, Culinary Arts Instructor at Northcentral Technical College.

RECIPE: Cardamom Clove and Ginseng Ice Cream

20 each Cardamom pods

5 each Cloves, whole

3oz Ginseng, fresh, washed and sliced

24 oz Heavy Cream

8oz Milk

Heat spices, ginseng, cream and milk just to a simmer. Turn down very low and simmer about 30 minutes. Let rest 30 minutes then add:

1 cup Sugar

Strain through a fine sieve and temper in:

3 each Whole eggs,

Cook over medium heat until 170F, quickly cool in ice bath, etc.

Once cool freeze in ice cream maker.

Wisconsin Fruit Compote

3 each Apples, fresh, peeled and diced

½ each Vanilla bean, split

2 T Butter, unsalted

Cook in butter over medium heat until just starting to soften, add:

½ cup Apple cider

¼ cup Maple syrup

¾ cup Dried cranberries, chopped

3 T Golden raisins

1 cup Water

Cook over very low heat about 30-40 minutes. Chill.