Parents of alleged child abuse victim share story

Published: Oct. 23, 2018 at 9:01 PM CDT
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After multiple incidents of child abuse, Marissa Tietsort is being charged. But for the parents of children that she's reportedly harmed, that damage is still very real.

"After she did hurt her, I couldn't leave my house for two weeks because of the bruising on her face," said Megan Royce who is the mother to the injured infant.

Tietsort was arrested after she was accused of causing the death of a 2-month-old boy.

Megan Royce and Dylan Baum had previously known Tietsort for over a year, before allowing her to watch their children.

"I had used Marissa for two weeks as a baby sitter, and I never once thought to CCAP her or look her up because she was a friend of a friend. She had a baby as well so I figured it was safe," Royce added.

After she talked to police, Megan Royce started to receive threatening messages from other people who blamed her for the attack.

"It was hard because I had to tell people that my babysitter had done it. I have been getting messages that people thought that I could have prevented it. When I was just trying to help my daughter’s case and make sure she did get put away and she did get charged for what she did,” Royce mentioned.

Even after the charges, Tietsort still hasn't admitted to anything.

"It hurts because she keeps lying about it and she hasn't once told me the truth about what happened to Riley," Royce said.

The message that Megan and Dylan have for parents looking into babysitters, you can't be too careful about the people that watch your children.

"Look them up, see if anything pops up for child abuse, child neglect, anything like that,” said the infants father Dylan Baum. “Even if you've known them for over a year like we did. Even if you've known them for that long they're still being left alone with your child now, and I never would've thought to do it before until now. You wouldn't think it," Royce added.