Ensuring older adults are safe during these hot temperatures

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- People age 65 and older are several times more likely to die from heat related cardiovascular disease than the general population.

Older adults are more prone to the heat because they do not adjust well to sudden changes in temperature which is why Meals on Wheel is paying extra attention this week.

Meals on Wheels drivers deliver meals to people older than 60 that are home bound but this week they are also ensuring that those older adults are doing okay in the heat.

"Meals on Wheels drivers may be the only person they see the whole week so they are checking in making sure things are okay and making that person feel like they still matter," said Jenny Pagel, Resource Specialist.

Many people we ran into along Thursday's route were happy to see Leroy Gorski's smiling face especially during these warm days. "Most of the places I take the meals to people have air conditioning but sometimes you run into where it is pretty warm and making sure they have something to drink and maybe someone else checking on them," said LeRoy Gorski, volunteer.

There are a few things they look out for. "We make sure the person is up and moving and is okay but if we notice something isn't right then we have a list of emergency people they can make sure that person is okay," said Pagel.

It's worth the extra effort Gorski said, "It helps the community, the people who need it and all the way around it is just a good thing."