Elections Commission may not count votes without proper postmark

Published: Apr. 10, 2020 at 7:58 PM CDT
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We continue to wait for the results from Tuesday's election, and that will happen on Monday at approximately 4:00.

But even then, The Wisconsin Elections Commission says many absentee ballots might not even be counted in the final tally.

Nearly 1.3-million absentee ballots were sent out. More than 200,000 are still unaccounted for. On top of that, of the nearly 1.1-million ballots that were received some of those won't be counted.

Here's part of the issue, state law does not require absentee ballots to be postmarked, only to be received by 8 pm election night.

The memo sent out by the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday extended the deadline for absentee ballots to April 13th, but only if they have a month and date postmark on it.

Some postmarks only have month and year, are smeared, or nothing at all.

"We know that ballots arriving on April 8 were in the mail on April 7," said commissioner Ann Jacobs. "We know this. To pretend otherwise is sort of silly. And that's what I'm suggesting is that we not disenfranchise people over the pretense that we don't think that those ballots were in the mail on the 7th on time, in conjunction with the Supreme Court's order."

Meagan Wolfe, Administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, says they're having a hard time getting answers from the U.S. Postal Service on a number of questions.

The WEC did vote unanimously to officially count any absentee ballots received between election night and April 13 if it has the "April 2020" postmark. And only if, the USPS provides a statement that particular stamp was only used on election day.

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