Educators discuss trends in education technology ahead of school year

Published: Aug. 9, 2019 at 12:09 PM CDT
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About 300 educators from across the region gathered on Friday to discuss education technology, and the new trends and strategies to bring into their classrooms ahead of the school year.

Teachers gathered at Monona Terrace for CanvasCon, which offered tracks for both higher education teachers, and K-12 teachers, for the day long event.

"We're really excited to be in Wisconsin today for CanvasCon, which is a one day local event for higher ed and K-12 educators," said Mindy Hintze, Director of Services Strategy with Insructure. "We bring people together to collaborate, talk about educational technology, and awesome ways to improve student success, teaching and learning, and basically share some fun ideas and have a good time."

Hintze said that with the access students currently have to technology, through devices they may use everyday like a smartphone or tablet, teachers are utilizing technology in classrooms as well.

"We have to change the way that we teach, we have to change the way that we're interacting with students," Hintze said. "In higher education, there's more and more of a focus on digital and online learning, and if we don't meet our students needs, they're going to fail."

Kona Jones, Director of Online Learning at Richland Community College, said that technology can also allow teachers to individualize a student's learning experience for their own pace.

"I think technology allows teachers on the fly to be able to take whatever students are interested in, whatever things they're wanting to know about, and let's talk about it right now," Jones said.