Edgar High School hosts "Shave it to Save It" event to raise money for charity

Published: Apr. 5, 2019 at 6:09 PM CDT
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The 2019 Wisconsin Football Coaches Association All-Star game is taking place in July in Oshkosh. The game helps raise money for charity, and today two players and a coach from Edgar High School organized an event that did just that, at the expense of their teachers' luscious locks.

Edgar High School seniors Karson Butt and Ty Guden and Assistant Coach Greg Streit are used to success on the football field.

Friday, they used football to create success in raising money for charity, holding an event called “Shave it to Save it” to raise money for July's WFCA All-Star Game and Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

Streit says:"It's a fresh one (event), so everybody kind of gets fired up in getting behind it."

To drive donations, "wanted" posters were put up around the school with teachers' faces on them, if the dollar amount was met, the teachers would shave their head in front of the entire school."

Guden explains: "We decided that the kids to get them really involved would love to see some teachers bald."

The Children's Hospital of Wisconsin also pulls at the heart strings of many in Edgar.

"It means a lot, actually one of my cousins was down at children's hospital,” Butt says. “So it kind of means more," said Karson Butt.

"I also have a nephew that spent almost a year in there," said Streit.

"Kids who need help with surgeries, cancer research, anything really, it's just money that goes to them which if their families can't cover it,” says Guden. “It's something nice that you can do for somebody you may not know."

By the end of the event, seven teachers and Principal Dave Duncan walked out with shaved heads. So far more than $2,800 dollars have been raised for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin at Edgar.

Barber shops in Edgar may see a little less traffic the next few weeks, but for children who need it, it's worth every penny.

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