E-reader catches fire at elementary school

FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WBAY) - An e-reader device caught fire at a school in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin on Tuesday.

Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue posted on social media (below) that a teacher at Roberts Elementary School noticed an odor and found an Acer e-reader on fire.

The fire department says the device was not being charged or in use at the time.

"Typically, it would be connected to a charger that would cause the battery to overheat, but in this case it just started up all by itself and started to spontaneous combust," said Division Chief Troy Haase.

Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue is checking in with the Consumer Protection Agency and Acer to get more information about the e-reader and to see if it was under recall.

"I looked it up a little bit. We tried to find if it was recalled at all, couldn't really find anything recalled so I contacted Acer," says Haase.

According to the fire department, Acer told them it sold hundreds of thousands of these tablets and never had one complaint about the battery burning.

"Whether it's just a battery malfunction or something inside the piece of equipment that's different from others, but I don't know what the situation would have caused it," Haase said.

The fire department went as far as filing a complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission with the regard to the device and the battery burning up.

"There was a question, what do we do with the other devices?" Haase said. "Well, you don't want him to take them home. So, it's one of those things, you try to isolate it as much as you can and hopefully you avoid another problem like this."

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