Downtown Wausau Sidewalk Sales give back to community

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- The Wausau River District was transformed into an outdoor market on Thursday as local business set up tents and displays on the sidewalk full of discounted items.

The Sidewalk Sales are in conjunction with Wausau's big Weekend that involves both Chalkfest at the 400 Block and Balloon and Rib Fest at the Airport. Thursday through Sunday local Retailers like Evolution's in Design, Shepherd and Schaller, Nicole's Boutique, Campbell Haines and Easbay will all be having their biggest sales of the year. Blake Opal-Wahoske with the Wausau River District said that event is a great way to have fun, do some shopping and give back to the community.

"It's a wonderful opportunity so when people come down to Chalkfest they can come and explore new businesses downtown, and not only that but when you spend money locally it's just more of that that stays in our local economy and you're supporting out local businesses down here," Opal-Wahoske said.

Big yellow flags and sinage will be outside of participating stores, some of which Opal-Wahoske said are new to the event this year.

"Especially when we have new businesses come to the district it just adds a little bit something different to the retail mix," Opal-Wahoske said. "So you know, Allison at The Local does such a great job of having items created here in Wisconsin available in the shop there and then Ashley does a great job of curating here clothes over at Black Ashley's so they just add a little extra fresh energy to our retail mix down here in downtown."

Sales and store hours very between business.