Despite Davison's 30 points, Badgers fall to No. 2 Michigan St.

MADISON, Wis. (WSAW) -- The Badgers are already locked into the nine spot in the Big 10 standings, but that didn't stop Bucky from trying to play spoiler on Michigan State's outright Big 10 title hopes. Wisconsin kept it close, but in the end, the Badgers fell short 68-63.

"Ya, it doesn't feel good to lose, obviously, but I'm proud of the way these guys fought," said Wisconsin forward Ethan Happ. "I need to step it up a little bit. Brad did a great job, but we got some more basketball to be played, so we're on to the next."

The Spartans jumped out to an 8-0 lead to start the game. An early deficit the Badgers have come accustomed to this season.

"They can hurt in you in so many ways," said Wisconsin head coach Greg Gard. "I mean obviously, they're two deep at every position, so they're right up there with everybody. They're obviously very very good. They're 28-3 and where they are for a reason."

But like Bucky always does, they battled back. Mostly thanks to freshman guard Brad Davison, and his 23 second half points.

"I was just trying to win," said Wisconsin guard Brad Davison. "Doing everything that I could to win. My jumper felt good, so that was kind of what I was going to, and they have a lot of big guys inside, so the jump shot was kind of what I was going to, but I was just trying to win."

Davison's career high 30 points couldn't overcome the rebound deficit. Wisconsin lost the board battle 40-28.

"I thought we didn't do a consistent enough job on the glass all day," said Gard. "Even in the first half, we gave up too many second chances. I thought we could have been better defensively in the paint preventing some catches, and obviously, that gives them life."

Davison did say that he would rather beat them next week anyway. The Badgers will have a chance to do that in the Big 10 tournament if they are able to beat Maryland in the first round on Thursday.