Democratic strategy for winning the Midterm election

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From toss-up races, to districts long considered GOP strongholds, Democrats are waging fierce campaigns up and down the ballots.

The party's messaging zeroing in on health care costs, prescription drug prices and also...more accountability on Capitol Hill.

Historically, two years after a president and his party take over Washington…. the opposing party picks up steam. House Democrats have a big opening this year with dozens of Republicans retiring. But many Senate Democrats face tough re-election battles in red states.

Jonathan Ladd, Georgetown professor says, "it's very possible that the House could go back to Democrats but the Senate could not because it's very different electorates."

Illinois Congresswoman Cheri Bustos says Democrats are sticking to the issues this election, "who they're fighting for seems to be within the lobbyists, the rich, the powerful."

The election is November 6.