Defending NC7 Golf Classic champ withdraws due to injury, title up for grabs

Published: Jul. 21, 2018 at 6:07 PM CDT
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In eight of the last nine years, there's been a brand new champion crowned at the NewsChannel 7 Golf Classic. That could be the case this year as well. Last year's champion Ben Alt, withdrew from the tournament this year due to injury. That mean's this year's title is up for grabs.

"I've watched the scoreboards for this tournament for the last couple of years to kind of see what's going on," first time competitor Tyler Marchant said. "You see a lot of the same names up there at the top and I think people will be excited to see what happens this year."

Could it go to an event first timer, like 16-year-old Kyle Bengtson?

"Obviously you have a little bit of a disadvantage than the others. They know where to play the ball and where not to miss it. You, playing it for your first time don't exactly know so you could hit it in the wrong spot very easily and make it a little tougher," Bengtson said.

What about a veteran player? Or last year's runner up Matt Tuman?

"I mean it changes it a little bit but there's still a lot of other good players in the field. He's (Ben Alt) obviously good and I would have enjoyed playing with him today but it's okay. There's still plenty of good players out here," Tuman said. "I'm probably a little far away but if I have a really good day tomorrow, there's always a chance."

The final day of the Men's event tees off at 7:30 am Sunday.