Deep Bench: Toxic relationships during the holidays

(WZAW) -- The holidays are a time when we get together with family and friends, many of whom we haven't seen in a while.

Brian Weiland talks to Holly Chilsen about how toxic relationships can impact holiday gatherings. (WZAW photo)

And as wonderful as that time is, there are some people who have a hard time getting along. Many times people refer to the relationship as a toxic one.

"When I think of toxic, I think of something that almost poisons the waters," Dr. Brian Weiland said. "That's an interesting way to phrase this, because it almost makes it sound like we don't have any control then."

Dr. Weiland is a clinical psychologist at Behavioral Health Clinic in Wausau. He joined the Deep Bench on NewsChannel 7 at 4 on Wednesday.

"I think the holidays in general can be riddled with stress about wanting it to go right, and maybe we've had to travel a distance. Tensions are high this time of year when you see people you haven't seen in a while, oftentimes it can bring up different associations that you have," he added. "Some people's idea of family isn't the greatest, that there may have been things that have happened in that family, so when you see that person sitting across from you, sharing dinner with that person, it can bring across all kinds of feelings."

If you are going to be seeing someone you don't see eye to eye with, Dr. Weiland suggests to keep things short and set boundaries.

"Everyone in their life is just trying to do their best."