Deep Bench: Protecting your pets against ticks and mosquitoes

Wausau While it's nice to look in the rear-view mirror at the mild winter we had, it's not so nice with those conditions, paired with a wet spring, that's making the perfect storm for an abundance of ticks and mosquitoes.

Not only do we need to protect ourselves, but our dogs and cats too.

On Tuesday, Shelly Watford, a veterinarian technician from VCA Animal Hospital in Wausau stopped by with her pup companion, Flint.

Watford talked about the symptoms to look for if your dog or cat comes down from diseases the pests carry, like Lyme disease and heartworm.

She said one out of 10 pets in Marathon County in 2018 contracted one or two of those diseases.

"Just doing heartworm prevention year-round, because we still do see mosquitoes throughout the winter, even in their very cold months they can be indoors and live indoors," Watford explained.

Watford said if Lyme disease is not treated, it can affect the kidneys and be fatal to your pet.

Watch our conversation by clicking on the video above, to see Watford's recommendations on best protections.