Deep Bench: Is there a spike in head lice during Halloween?

Published: Oct. 17, 2019 at 4:57 PM CDT
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We are about two weeks out from Halloween, and of all the spooky creatures running around, head lice is probably not one you think about too often.

Researchers say head lice cause between 12 million and 25 millions infestations each year.

Laurie Moyer from Lice Clinics of America joined NewsChannel 7 at 4 on Thursday to talk about the potential for transferring head lice during the Halloween season.

"Head lice doesn't really leave our heads or go on to Halloween costumes. Lice survives on a human host," Moyer explained.

While everyone can contract lice, kids are the most susceptible.

However, other experts say wigs, hats, masks and costumes can all be


homes to lice, before transferring to another human host, so it's best to avoid sharing or trying on these garments altogether.

Moyer said another reason for a possible spike in head lice cases, is that people tend to take more selfies together, when their heads are touching.

Although some other over-the-counter lice treatments kill lice, they do not kill their eggs, which can later hatch and start an infestation all over again. The Lice Clinics of America performs FDA-cleared treatments with a 99.6% success rate, without the use of toxic chemicals. It's called the AirAllé® device, which uses heated air to dehydrate and kill lice and eggs.