Deep Bench: Co-occurring mental health disorders

WAUSAU, Wis. (WZAW) -- Mental illness impacts everyone differently. While some may struggle with either depression or anxiety, there are many people who have both and sometimes even more mental health disorders on top of that.

One local expert shares the signs to look out for as Tropical Storm Nestor may cause some anxiety in many still struggling mentally after Hurricane Michael. (MGN)

Having multiple mental health conditions at once is not easy for those living with them. We had a Deep Bench conversation on co-occurring disorders on Wednesday with Dr. Brian Weiland, a psychologist from Behavioral Health Clinic.

He said it's common for symptoms to overlap.

"It's pretty common. Like for example, with depression and anxiety, I think somewhere along the lines of 60% of individuals who have been diagnosed with depression also have an anxiety disorder diagnosis," he said.

Since symptoms can develop overtime, adding onto symptoms you already have, Dr. Weiland said it's important to have periodical checks and balances on yourself and go get the symptoms checked out by a mental health professional.

Some of the other common co-occurring disorders are substance use and bipolar disorder, as well as borderline personality disorder and ADHD or bipolar disorder.

"They're treated very differently, so that's why it's so important to get the diagnosis right."