Day 6 of Torgerson Trial: Friend tells court he helped move Low's body

Published: Mar. 18, 2017 at 4:49 PM CDT
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Fear and lies-- a common theme in day six of Kristopher Torgerson's trial.

Monday continue with testimony from Torgerson's girlfriend, Andrea Wadinski. Kristopher Torgerson is charged with the disappearance and death of Stephanie Low.

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Wadinski a registered nurse, adjunct professor at a local tech with three children took the stand Saturday and for the majority of the day Monday.

Wadinski said she was involved with hiding the corpse of Stephanie Low.

She said she led Torgerson and Richard Hawkins up north to Wabeno to eventually bury Low’s body.

For the next two years, law enforcement would question her and she said would lie.

“I knew I would tell the truth when I knew he was put away for good and wouldn’t hurt me or my family,” she explained.

She said she also tried changing her phone number to avoid being questioned by law enforcement. Investigators said she likely lied, because she had too much to lose.

But in February 2013, Wadinski said she finally cracked and started telling the truth, despite being scared for her life.

Torgerson has never admitted to killing Low, but did lead detectives to her body in September 2014.

Monday, Richard Hawkins-- Torgerson's longtime friend from Alabama was also called to testify.

He said he was here just staying with Torgerson at the time, but little did he know he’d be a part of something much more serious, prosecutors alleged.

What happened in Stephanie Low's apartment on Oct. 10 2010 has been a mystery. But Monday, Hawkins filled in some of the pieces.

“He said 'I want you to get up'. So I got up and he hand me a coat out of the closet and and we left out of the door,” Hawkins said. They go to Low’s apartment on 3rd Avenue near Thomas Street.

“I get out and Kris gets out. He goes upstairs and what was surprising to me Kris had a key to the apartment. I said 'What did you do?' He didn’t answer me the first time. I asked him again, “What did you do to her? He replied, “She didn’t give me what I wanted,” Hawkins testified.

That's when Hawkins said he saw Stephanie on her bed covered in blankets.

“I saw blood and it was on her neck and the blanket, too”, he said.

“I replied I can’t help you man, I can’t do this…” Hawkins said, alluding to the fact he knew Stephanie was dead.

Torgerson told him he had to, Hawkins said.

“You are in it now,” Hawkins testified as Torgerson's explanation.

He said he helped Torgerson move low all the way up to Wabeno then into a shallow grave. With Torgerson’s girlfriend Andrea Wadinski leading the caravan.

On their way back, Hawkins and Torgerson got rid of a cell phone and the bedding Low was wrapped in.

Testimony will continue Tuesday morning.