Wausau DPW is ready for the snow, but are you?

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WAUSAU, Wis (WSAW) -- The Department of Public Works (DPW) is ready for winter and the City of Wausau is asking drivers to be prepared as well.

In the next few hours, north and central Wisconsin is expected to receive its first round of snowfall. Although the snow is not expected to accumulate in many parts of the area, the weather will impact the conditions of the roads throughout the weekend.

“Slow down and proceed with caution,” said Ric Mohelnitzky, the Superintendent of the Street Division for the DPW. “Watch the weather and watch the temperatures. It is supposed to rain and the temperatures will drop lower than 32 degrees which means we could see precipitation turn to ice."

DPW said now is a great time to have your tires checked out to make sure your vehicle can handle the upcoming winter weather. Crews say poor tire conditions are one of the main problems they see every year.

“We have people all the time who are having problems on our hills because they do not have the best tires. Having tires in good condition is one of the best insurance policies you can have,” added Mohelnitzky.

DPW doesn’t believe they will need to pre-treat the roads this weekend, however, if the rain causes the roads to become icy they will be prepared with trucks ready to go.