DHS Doctor: Latest numbers offer hope "Safer at Home" is working

CDC graphic on flattening the curve (CDC Photo)

The number of new cases of Covid-19 confirmed in Wisconsin Friday was 186. It was 180-new cases the day before.

The Department of Health Services chief medical officer says virus outbreaks can grow exponentially: 100-one day, 200-the next, 400-the third and so on.

While we all want it to be zero, Dr. Ryan Westegaard says the fact the number of new cases in Wisconsin was essentially flat two days in a row is good news.

"So the fact that we're seeing cases go up by the same amount everyday, 180, 190 this week...is actually really good news. It's actually really encouraging that we are flattening the curve. So that's a glimmer of hope that what we're doing is actually making a big difference and I think that it is."

Flattening the curve is the effort to have fewer people get Covid-19 at one time, so health care workers and their equipment are not overwhelmed.

Dr. Westergaard says for things to get back to normal, two things have to happen. The number of cases has to fall. And the health care system needs to be ready with people and equipment to handle it.