DEC gives red carpet experience for their dancers

Published: Jun. 6, 2020 at 6:20 PM CDT
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The Dance Education Center was supposed to have their end of the year recital in April. So instead, the staff put on a memorable event for them.

"We would've had this performance in April. But it's (the event) celebrating the dancers and their accomplishments, we've worked hard all year for this," 16 year DEC student Lexi Vrieze said.

Each student got their own chance to walk down the carpet, and they received a personalized gift at the end.

It was a quick adjustment to get this event of the ground. Workers say it helps to give the DEC a whole new meaning.

"We've just rephrased ourselves to 'dancers embrace challenges', and it's wonderful to see all of the creativity that opens up because of the obstacles," DEC Owner Tori Rogoski explained.

It was a picture perfect day all around. The students were introduced by an emcee, had photos taken by paparazzi, truly their day in the sun.

"Thankfully we have a beautiful day, and just to be able to celebrate each student as personalized as possible," Rogoski added.

Of course the students still wish that they could perform on stage, but the celebration was still a memorable one.

"We were upset, but I think that having special moments like this is really important and it shows that there is a way to celebrate our accomplishments even though we can't do it in the way we thought we could," Vrieze said.

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