Creating cyber security while working at home

Published: Apr. 6, 2020 at 7:27 AM CDT
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With so many working from home, I.T. personnel have been busy assisting transitions and helping with hackers.

Patrick Hoerder with Your Network Security said today hackers have more opportunities to scam people because they are more available and reliant on our devices, making it easy for hackers to strike. Since the pandemic led people to their homes, i.t. has seen also double the amount of problems they usually see making it a busy time of year for them.

"Our support desk has seen a 50% increase in support tickets almost exclusively due to remote work type of services and set ups,” Hoerder said.

While it can be scary, Hoerder said there are many easy ways to stay safe from fraudulent emails, phone calls and texts.

An easy way to help yourself it to screen calls as hackers now use your personal zip code more than ever. If you don’t know the number just let them leave a voicemail and call back when you can. Remember the government will never call to ask for your social security number or credit card info. Overall Hoerder said just be cautious.

“Same thing with the e-mail and phone calls. Just be a little extra suspicious. Trust but verify,” Hoerder said.

He also suggests that if you feel like your computer might be hacked to just disconnect from the internet. By doing this you can disable that person from taking control of your computer.

Overall Hoerder said to just listen to your business and utilize your I.T. services anytime you feel there is a problem.