COVID-19 pushing families to food donations facilities

Published: Apr. 1, 2020 at 7:51 PM CDT
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Even before COVID-19, the Bridge Street Mission and The Neighbors' place has been getting food to people in the community. But now that the outbreak has become a problem, they're finding that new people are coming to their door.

"More families, we're seeing more families coming in, men women and children. It's a different group than the homeless men and women that we were seeing before," said Bridge Street Mission pastor Ben Paris.

"Yes we're definitely seeing more men and women coming through our doors, or out in the parking lot," Neighbors place executive director Donna Ambrose added.

People whose lives are directly affected by the virus.

"These are people that have homes, have jobs, but they've been laid off because of the sickness going around right now," Paris explained.

With the need being so great, The Neighbors Place adjusted its income rule to help people who have lost jobs.

"Based on your weekly income as of today. The main point is that we want people to come here and access us for help if they need it," Ambrose said.

Both locations are still serving the community in the safest way possible. So much so in fact, that the Neighbors place has a second group on standby in case a member catches COVID-19.

"We have a bench team. So we hope that doesn't happen but we know that our work has to continue so we have put people on alert that can come in and do this intake. So it's important but we do have a backup plan," Ambrose added.

Both places are accepting donations at this time. For more information for The Neighbors Place click

. For more information on the Bridge Street Mission click