NewsChannel 7 Investigates | Court docs: Band teacher called himself "dad" to student

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MERRILL, Wis. (WSAW) -- Court documents obtained by NewsChannel 7 reveal text messages and Facebook messages between the Merrill High School band teacher and his wife show Kevin Short was referred to as an unrelated student's dad.

The documents are part of a civil suit seeking a restraining order against Kevin and Michelle Short. Short has been placed on paid administrative leave. However, the sheriff's department and school board have not confirmed the reason why.

A week after the restraining order was filed a judge granted it to the girl against Kevin and Michelle, but denied the request for the girl's mother and stepfather against the Shorts.

Court documents show hundreds of text messages between the Shorts and a 16-year-old student.

Text messages were exchanged showing Short comforting the girl for having nightmares, and wanting to be there for her.

Short's wife, Michelle was also involved in group Facebook messages where she referred to the girl as their daughter and wrote, "Baby girl, this is the way your dad has always treated me. This is what you have to look forward to."

The messages allude that Michelle and Kevin appeared to want the girl part of their own family. In one text Michelle writes that Kevin 'has plenty of love to the boys, to me, and now to you.'

In a group message between the Shorts and the student, Michelle Short sends the 16-year-old a quote about fathers being their daughters first love.

She goes on to call her "baby girl," while referring to her husband as the teen's dad.

Michelle Short texted: "Dad will always be your love and protection, he will never let you down. He will always be right by your side to be sure that you never hurt again."

In a Facebook message sent to the teen Kevin Short said he quote, "Just cares about her so much," and in another one saying quote, "The snow is not as pretty as you."

The girl's mother told investigators in mid-July that she found out from a Lieutenant about the Shorts. The mother said the Shorts falsely accused their family of child neglect and abuse towards the girl.

Court documents state the girl's mother believed Kevin Short has been harassing her daughter. He would meet with her at the Pine River Fire Department throughout the summer, he'd look for her at their family business and at their home, and he and has wife have even gone to visit the girl when she is home alone.

The girl's mother told investigators they thought about installing cameras in their home to be safe.

The Shorts have been ordered to have no contact with the girl until she turns 18.