Court Docs: Inmate Requires Surgery After Lincoln Co. Jail Attack

Published: Oct. 18, 2013 at 4:50 PM CDT
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Six people are charged after investigators says a June 14 fight at the Lincoln County Jail left one inmate requiring surgery.

David Purnell, 26; Cody Kaehne, 21; and Branch Reed, 23; are all facing felony charges after they are accused of having a role in the fight that injured a 24-year-old fellow inmate. Jesus Solis, 38; Isaiah Solis, 18; and Tyler Leder, 17; face misdemeanor charges for not reporting the incident.

According to the criminal complaint, citing evidence obtained from surveillance video, the incident began at 12:22:54 p.m. in cell block D when the inmates were playing cards. The alleged victim reportedly said something to Branch Reed that upset him. Just seconds later, the video showed Reed throw his cards at the alleged victim. The two men then moved into the shower and closed the curtain to possibly hide the incident from cameras. The criminal complaint states at one point the shower curtain opens, but Kaehne gets up and pulls it back shut to hide the incident from corrections staff.

During this time, the criminal complaint states Purnell begins to clean up the playing cards that Reed threw.

At 12:26:02; Purnell enters the shower and a short time later he and Reed are seen exiting it. The alleged victim remains in the shower and no one checks on him, according to the criminal complaint.

At 12:28:10 the alleged victim is seen exiting the shower.

Beginning at 12:28:59 the criminal complaint states, Purnell and Kaehne cleaned up the cell block and mopped up blood near the entrance of the shower.

The alleged victim was transported to the hospital. Investigators say a doctor who treated the man said he would need surgery to repair a laceration on the inside of his mouth. He also required immediate surgery to repair a broken jaw. He was transported to a Marshfield hospital.

According to the incident report, Reed suffered no visible injuries.

Booking photos were not available for Jesus Solis, Isaiah Solis, or Tyler Leder.

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