Couple turns scrap steel into one-of-a-kind art pieces

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- With more than 100 sculptures across the Wausau area, chances are you may have seen the work of Eric and Faith Thomas, and their business EchoScapes.

"It takes us about, each statue is maybe 50-60 hours," Eric Thomas explained.

What started as a fun side project 10 years ago, has turned into quite a successful business for the duo. Eric is in charge of the welding, while Faith comes up with most of the designs.

"I think it's unique," Faith said, "and we like to do something no one's ever done before."

EchoScapes uses left over scrap metal from Londerville Steel, and can turn it into just about anything.

"I was expecting maybe a really nice tie, and she totally blew me away with this. I had no idea," client Dr. Tad Krolicki said.

"I guess the only limit is the imagination of the client and us, and we have pretty big imaginations," Faith explained.

Dr. Tad Krolicki was surprised for his 60th birthday, with a unique statue, given to him from his wife.

"The woman is our family, although it's mostly my wife. And we have four kids, they're in their twenties now and scattered around the world. So, this is us giving our children wings," Dr. Krolicki said.

From giving children artistic metal wings, to other works that are planted firmly on the ground, it's all part of the fun.

"It's been fun to look at from so many different directions. I like to just walk around and enjoy it from different perspectives," Dr. Krolicki said.

Just this week, Eric and Faith finished installing a project including a wolf and a large deer with antlers.