Community surprises first responders with personalized treats

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)- Since March 22,first responders in the Wausau metro area have received an outpouring of gifts and thanks from community members.

Sunday afternoon, Dawn Dietsche wanted to make sure that trend continued.

Dietsche partnered up with community members and local businesses to put together almost 200 customized lunch boxes with treats inside for Kronenwetter Police, Everest Metro Police, Merrill Police, Wausau Police and Ringle Fire.

Even the K-9 officers got lunch bags with toys and a water dish inside.

"I think a lot of times our law enforcement, they don't feel the love from the community and I think this project hopefully gave them a sense of appreciation that people really do care and that they're appreciative and they want to honor them," Dietsche said.

Police Officer Dan Dunst with the Kronenwetter Police Department said while it's never expected, it's always nice to get a "thank you" from the community.

"You know, we go to work every day and don't expect anything in return, but it's nice to have that acknowledgement from the community," Dunst said.

Each department's bags looked a little different. Everest Metro's were designed in honor of Detective Jason Weiland.