Coloring kindness through the quarantine

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- A local 6-year-old is turning empty sidewalks into beautiful works of art, while trying to bring a smile to people's faces during an unprecedented time.

sidewalk art

Morgan Ammel says her daughter, Nora, came up the idea to color chalk drawings on the sidewalk to spread a little cheer. Morgan took the idea to Facebook, where it drew a quick response.

"Within 12 hours, I had over 200 responses," Ammel said.

The sidewalk drawings have become a nice distraction for the pair.

"I'm currently laid off right now, and I'm trying to make it a positive experience where I can bond with my child, instead of a negative one where I'm worried about bills and money and the virus," Ammel said.

Andrew Richards saw the Facebook post and figured, he had plenty of sidewalk up for grabs.

"Even with all the negativity out there, there's still good being put out into the world by people," Richards said.

So far, Nora has been able to decorate sidewalks for all of her neighbors.

"We're also going to get people chalk, to like, spread it around this whole neighborhood like all Weston and all Wausau. And, I feel good about it," Nora said.