UW-Stevens Point students are planning their next steps after graduation

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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) -- Graduation is just a few days away for a lot of college students in the area but what happens next?

"It feels really bittersweet and surreal I can't even put it into words how strange it feels," said Brailey Kerber. She is graduating with an Elementary Education major and a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language.

Sue Kissinger said the job outlook for these students is very good. "The job market is hot right now with the employment rate so low there is a lot of hiring right now. The really hot fields is in healthcare, computing, natural resources and education."

Kissinger said the biggest thing employers are looking for is experience in potential new hires. "Participate in internships, in summer jobs related to their fields, undergraduate research and independent studies with faculty. Those are things you can put on resume whether you are paid for them or not," she said.

Something Kerber is no stranger to. "I have been interviewing and I have a lot of applications out there already. It is the time of year when things are wrapping up for all the schools so it is very chaotic. So all the interview processes haven't quite started for all the school districts."

Kissinger said most UWSP graduates stay in the badger state after graduation. Which rings true for Kerber who will be interning in the governor's office and teaching summer school down in Madison.