Cold weather helping cranberry harvest

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JUNCTION CITY, Wis. (WLUK) – While the cold weather may negatively effect some crops, it is actually helping one specific one. Cranberries!

The little red fruit actually makes big money in the state of Wisconsin, to the tune of over a billion dollars. Not only that, but Wisconsin produces around 60% of the nation's crop and about half of the crop world-wide.

Isaac Zarecki, of the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association, says that the central and western parts of the state are ideal for growing the berries.

"The central part of the state from Tomah to Warrens, Black River Falls over to Wisconsin Rapids is formally the glacial lake Wisconsin, so when the glaciers receded, it created this large, sandy plain. That sandy soil is well-drained and very acidic-- cranberries love acidic soil, that's why Wisconsin is very good for producing cranberries." says Zarecki.

While cranberries seem popular with the holiday season, they actually do not sell as well between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Only 20 percent of the crop is consumed during that time.