Wausau hopes snow pile is gone by July 4

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- It's the snow pile that just won't die Wausau. And Friday, city crews did something about it.

The snow cleared from streets was dumped in the snow deposit area on River Drive and because of the sheer amount of snow we got late it the season, Well -- it's been taking quite some time for it to just go away.

So some heavy machinery was brought it to break up the pile, to speed up the melting process.

"The area that we use for our snow disposal is also used as a spot for our farmers market, so of course now it's getting to be spring, there are more vendors at the farmers market and they need a little bit more room.

We're just kind of busting that up, moving it back and kind of cleaning up the area,” explained Wausau Department of Public Works Street Supervisor, Jason Quade.

He said typically, there isn’t a snow pile in the middle of June.

Depending on the weather, Quade's hoping the snow pile will be gone by the Fourth of July.

As the snow melts, the crews will come back to clean up any debris or trash that was picked up in the removal process.