Churches begin to reopen around Wausau

RIB MOUNTAIN, Wis.(WSAW)- Churches around the Wausau area have started to welcome back members. Immanuel Baptist Church is actually one of those that had their first service back last week and they say that safety is their top priority.

"Legally, while we feel like we could go back to the thing that we're supposed to do, we don't fell like that would be responsible yet," Immanuel Elder for Preaching and Vision Rob Love said.

One of the precautions that Immanuel has taken is dividing up the congregation into different areas. They also promote social distancing in those areas, and have only household members sit together.

"All the tables and seating sections are six feet apart, and people are asked to sit with just their family in this room," Love added.

To prevent from cross contamination, Immanuel has stopped passing out offering plates, announcement pamphlets, and communion.

"We're looking forward to some point in the future, but there are several thing we don't want to be passing to each other," Love explained.

The church has also increased cleaning between each week.

"After this room is empty we have a full week to work on sanitizing the building in preparation for the next week," Love stated.

Even though members are missing out on things like children's service and after-church fellowship, they are glad to be together again.

"Being able to just sing together was a very emotional experience in our first Sunday back last week," Love described.

The church will be keeping their eyes on those CDC guidelines, making any adjustments that they need to going forward. Especially if they see another spike in the fall, and need to suspend services once again.

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