Christ Community Church make masks for nursing homes

Published: Mar. 27, 2020 at 9:38 PM CDT
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A few weeks ago pastor Robin Wilde was approached by two church members about making masks for senior living centers. Within an hour of putting out the idea to his church, they had enough volunteers to fill a large order.

"Once we started getting so many responses back, we thought we could probably do quite a few of them. So once we found out how many people can sew we decided that 1,000 masks would be the goal," Pastor Wilde said.

One of the volunteers for the project is Cindi Strum, who says that the ability to help gives clarity.

"With all of this going on everyone is feeling pretty helpless and this is a way to feel like you were helping," Strum added.

The church has finished about a fifth of their goal and they already know who the first batch will go to.

"Right now we have about 200 made, so we have about 800 to go. We decided that the ones that are made will go to nursing homes and living facilities first," Pastor Wilde explained.

The final destination hits close to home for some of the volunteers.

"I have a 98-year-old grandmother who is in a nursing home, she's doing great she's very healthy. But to know that population is being protected. It's really important for them specifically during these times, it gives me a heart for this particular project," Strum added.

The church might not meet the same way they did before, but the project helps to keep them close.

"The sense of community among the household of faith is still very strong. And I'm proud of the congregation for doing what they're doing," Pastor Wilde said.

The church is all covered as far as help but if you would like to message them to encourage their efforts, you can reach them