Capone's great-niece out to set record straight on notorious uncle

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MERRILL, Wis. (WSAW)-- "90% of what you think you know about Al Capone is not real," said Deirdre Capone.

In her book 'Uncle Al Capone,' Deirdre Capone is here to set the record straight about the notorious gangster.

"There's not a single person left on this earth that knew the Capone's, that interacted with them the way I did."

Crystal English-Duwe is a distant relative of Deirdre, and after 8 years of going back and forth, was finally able to get her to Merrill for a presentation with the T.B. Scott Library.

"She was going to be here in the (Twin) Cities close by so we offered to go over and get her and bring her to Merrill for a presentation," English-Duwe said.

Deirdre says Hollywood and the press have done a number on her great-uncle's reputation.

"In every story you needed a bad person, right? So Al Capone was chosen as the bad person," said Capone. "Plus, my family when Al died, just wanted to remove themselves. They didn't go and defend anything."

Al Capone died on Dierdre's 7th birthday in 1947. What she doesn't remember about the family, she was taught by her grandfather Ralph, Al's older brother...with a warning.

"He made me promise that I would not write my book until all of the original family members, or people, had died."

So she continues her campaign to share stories about Al Capone and her family.

"People are entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts," said Capone. "Just to get this information out there and then people can make up their own mind."

As she was taught long ago, 'family is everything.'

Deirdre told me The History Channel called her on Tuesday and said they're interested in her story.

**The photo in the story of the little girl talking to Santa Claus...the little girl is Deirdre and that's Al Capone dressed as Santa.**