Candidates for 7th Congressional District hold one and only debate

MINOCQUA, Wis. (WSAW) -- This debate in Minocqua at Lakeland High School was the first and only debate between the two 7th Congressional District candidates, Representative Sean Duffy and Margaret Engebretson. Now the two go head-to-head Tuesday in the polls, only one will represent Wisconsin in Congress

"I think it was a great debate," Duffy said, "It was a good to come together and have two candidates talk about issues that matter to their constituents and have the community come out."

Engebretson agreed, saying, "It was great that members of the community and people that are going to the polls soon, were able to see Rep. Duffy and myself debate some of the issues that are on people's minds."

The two candidates are giving one final push to voters ahead of Tuesday's midterm election, covering topics like immigration, minimum wage, the wolf population, gun control and health care.

"I will fight for a medicare for all public health insurance programs, that covers you from the day you're born to the day you die," said Engebretson. "So that never again, does anybody have to worry about health care coverage."

"When I voted to repeal Obamacare," Duffy said, "I wrote my own bill, that covered those with preexisting conditions. And I voted time and time again to cover people with preexisting conditions, like we had here in Wisconsin before Obamacare ruined Wisconsin's health care."

While the two candidates debated for an hour to educate voters on their stances on those issues, there was some concern from them over some of the questions regarding President Trump and his tone and actions toward women.

"I was frustrated that the questions didn't come around to the economy," Duffy explained. "I think the economy is the biggest, most impressive thing that's happened over the last two years. We have in Wisconsin unemployment that's less than 3 percent, wages are growing, that's remarkable."

But Engebretson countered, saying "There were a lot of questions about President Trump, but one of the major issues undermining this entire campaign season and why this is so important , is that we have a republican Congress that has abdicated its duty to provide a check on the executive branch."

Both candidates also stressed the importance of getting out to vote.

FOX WZAW producer Naomi Kowles was one of the panelists for the debate.