Buddy Check 7: When life gives you lemons, know if it's breast cancer

Published: Jun. 7, 2017 at 11:56 AM CDT
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'I hope these next four images save your life'--that's the greeting at the top of It's a worldwide breast cancer campaign more than 10 years old, just recently taking the internet by storm.

"Breast cancer is something very treatable," Oncology Social Worker Samantha Gruetzmacher said. "It's not worth waiting on.

The idea has made its way to north central Wisconsin. Now Marshfield Clinic, too, uses an image of 12 lemons to educate women on the warning signs of breast cancer.

"Lemon imagery is a really a non-intimidating, non-intrusive way to talk about breast health," Grueztmacher explained.

A campaign is designed to overcome fear, taboo topics, and the world's range of literacy, Greutmacher called the images a pleasant and easy approach to a discussion about one of life's scariest lemons. "Unless you work in health care, you can't see the inside. All you have access to is to the outside," she said.

While Gruetzmacher said recognizing one of the images on yourself does not always mean you have breast cancer, you should get it checked out -- don't miss a chance at making lemonade.

For more on the #KnowYourLemon campaign, click