Buddy Check 7: Laughing in the face of cancer

Published: Sep. 7, 2016 at 4:31 PM CDT
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A Wisconsin Rapids woman explains in this month's Buddy Check 7 report, that no matter how bad, your attitude is everything when it comes to fighting cancer.

"I have enough hair to have a bad hair day," Mary Wright, said.

"I had fun. I got a wig the way my hair is shaped, and the color. I got a blonde wig and I got a long straight brunette wig. My hubby didn’t know if he was coming home to a blonde, brunette or a red head. Or a bald head, if it was hot out it was bald"

Wright was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997.

"It was located really close to one of the blood vessels, and it was growing rather rapidly, so two days later the surgery, so I didn't have time to worry about it."

When she thinks back to the diagnoses, 19 and a half years ago, it's not the difficult days that stand out, it's the funny ones. Like when her church posted a memo to help drive her to some of her cancer treatments.

"In the bulletin it said, please pick her up at the jail. The next week it said, she works there."

Since her original diagnoses, the cancer has never come back.

She makes sure to have annual check-ups, and that others close to her, do the same thing.

"Because of mine I had my daughter go in early and I said, you find a doctor who will do it, because I was only 39."

She laughed through the tough days at 39, and is doing the same in the face of cancer, now.