Buddy Check 7: Choosing to live strong

Published: Jul. 7, 2016 at 2:46 PM CDT
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Any battle in life, can most likely be made easier with the help of a friend, especially when that friend has gone through the same struggles.

In this month's Buddy Check 7 report, we introduce you to a Stevens Point woman whose breast cancer fight crossed a major threshold, when she decided to live strong with her new team.

"Cheryl is a star student, who is really utilizing her time in Livestrong," Health Enhancement Coordinator at the Stevens Point YMCA, Amy Fox, said.

Diagnosed with breast cancer just two weeks before her 50th birthday, Cheryl Wagner had two choices, be a victim, or…

"I made the mental transition when I started the Livestrong program from being a cancer victim to being a cancer survivor," Wagner, said.

She signed up for the YMCA’s 12-week class and never looked back.

"For all of the participants, a big part of this group is not just the exercise, it’s about connecting with others who have gone through similar struggles. So the group itself is really important," according to Fox.

Having no history of breast cancer in her family, for a short time, she ignored a small lump. It was a simple message that ultimately led Cheryl to the doctor.

"I went to a church event not related to breast cancer in anyway, but there was a speaker who told her story about having had breast cancer and what she all went through. Her story just sounded so similar to mine that it kind of inspired me, ok I’ll go and I’ll get it checked," Wagner, said.

Within hours of her first visit, she got the news...

"What I found out after being diagnosed was, that only 10-15 percent of breast cancers are genetically related which means that 85 or 90 percent of them are not," Wagner, said.

Cheryl credits her strong faith, and her new strong friends for getting her to this point.

Just in time for another milestone...

"My wedding anniversary, my 29th wedding anniversary is July 18, and so July 19 is my last day of cancer treatment so that will be really a week to celebrate."