Buddy Check 7: TMIST Breast Cancer Screening Trial

Published: Nov. 7, 2018 at 5:08 PM CST
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A mammography trial is now underway, looking to compare the traditional 2D mammogram, to the newer 3D version.

The Tomosynthesis Mammographic Imaging Screening Trial or TMIST, is looking at more than 150,000 women between the ages of 45 and 74 who were already looking to have a mammogram performed, and had not been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Trial participants are randomly placed into two groups, 2D or 3D. They'll undergo that same test for five years.

"As long as people are getting screening mammograms, we know that screening mammograms can detect breast cancers," Dr. Kristie Guite with Marshfield Clinic explained.

"75% of breast cancers are found in women that don't have any signs or symptoms, meaning they don't have a lump. They don't have any family history and they don't have any concerns other than they just get a screening mammogram. Right now across the country, the gold standard, meaning the test that we do is a 2D screening mammogram. And, what this trial is set out to do is determine, is that 3D mammogram, better?"

While 3D mammography does show more detail, the overall goal of the study, according to Dr. Guite, is whether or not the 3D mammograms save lives, just like the 2D ones have been doing for many years.

She says researchers want to know if the 3D mammography specifically finds the sort of breast cancer that can spread and kill women.