Brothers travel together on Never Forgotten Honor Flight

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WSAW) -- The 23rd Never Forgotten Honor Flight is truly something to remember for nearly 100 veterans. Monday, they got to visit the memorials built in their honor.

While everyone has a unique story to tell, three brothers got to take the trip together.

Harry, Emerick and Joseph Zoromski come from a family of 9 children, 8 of which were in the service.

Harry served in the army during the Korean War, Emerick served in the Air Force during the Korean War, and Joseph was in the Army during World War Two

They are the definition of the term "band of brothers".

"We were just called. Most of us were drafted or enlisted, and when our turn come to go in the service, we just did," said Joseph Zoromski.

"Most of us just wanted to get out of the house and farm work," laughed Harry Zoromski.

"There were at least four brothers at the same time in the service," Emerick Zoromski explained.

"Acutally it spread out so much because of our age that it just worked out that we really never got together or had pictures taken together because somebody's always in the service," added Joseph.

So when the opportunity to go on the never forgotten honor flight came up, they took it.

"Almost everything stands out real clear and good," Joseph said.

"I think it's great. This is the first time I've seen the Air Force Memorial," said Emerick. "I've seen the other memorials here about 10 years ago, but this is really great."

"It's an honor and the memorial was unbelievably beautiful, the Korean one. It just made my whole trip," Harry said.

They say they never experienced too much action, but also didn't talk a lot about their service life. Now, thanks to the Honor Flight, it opened them up.

"You know at 62 years ago, everything gets kinda fuzzy, really, you know? You don't remember much," said Harry.

"60 years is a long time," Emerick chuckled.

One thing they're certain to remember, is the warm welcome they received throughout the day.

"I can't believe the people are that friendly and so supportive to the people in service," Joseph said.

"It was a very good welcome," Emerick smiled. "In fact, I got a lot of hugs, and I like hugs!"

Harry added that he even got a few kisses.