Brewers radio broadcaster Jeff Levering is dealing with life without baseball

MILWAUKEE (WSAW) -- Opening day was without the peanuts and cracker jacks due to COVID-19.

“I just miss being around the ballpark,” said Brewers radio broadcaster Jeff Levering.

The Brewers were supposed to be playing at Miller Park this afternoon against the Cubs. Instead, the players and broadcasters are at home.

“You just kind of have to push the pause button and regroup and figure it out," said Levering. "Now I’m an everyday stay at home dad just like everybody else.”

Jeff Levering joined the Brewers Radio Network in 2015. While he covers the Brewers daily, the moment he found out sports were put on hold was similar to an everyday fan.

“We’re watching the Brewers and the Dodgers, and there is rain coming down," said Levering. "Every piece of the apocalypse that is happening is happening in this game, and when all this stuff was happening, we’re watching our Twitter feeds and going ‘Oh my gosh. Did you see that? Did you see what’s happening? Oh my gosh the NBA.'”

Now the sports world is dark, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“Once baseball comes back, it’s gonna be a great thing," said Levering. "It just needs some time.”