Breast cancer survivor reflects on positive changes after reconstructive surgery

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- Within this Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a day dedicated to focusing on the very personal aspect of breast reconstruction.

Reconstructive surgery WSAW

Jaimie Anderson is a breast cancer survivor and shared some of her reconstructive story with WSAW.

"After a double mastectomy, you are flat chested, and your skin is put in, in a way where it's over each other. It's flapped together," Anderson explained.

Although she discussed the process with her doctors, she said there are just some things, you're never prepared for.

"I was anticipating being able to just have implants put back in again. So, going through that process and they fill you up overtime was something I didn't understand at the time. And, it actually wasn't that uncomfortable of a process," she said.

Doctors at Aspirus expressed the physical and emotional benefits that can come from a successful reconstruction like Jaimie's.

"They go through the sadness of having the cancer and all of the sequela that goes along with that. And, then they have their breast reconstruction and then they feel better about themselves and they feel more whole again, which is why I enjoy doing breast reconstruction. Helping the patients, because you just kind of get them feeling like themselves," plastic surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Renaker- Jansen said.

Anderson is now cancer free and said the entire process actually included a few pleasant surprises.

"It's almost like going through high school again, where you're getting larger and larger every time your friends see you, your family sees you. So, you have to have fun with it. And, I have a really supportive family and a very good friend base that made the transition easy and kinda fun."