Breast cancer study examines effectiveness of mammograms

Published: Aug. 7, 2017 at 7:58 AM CDT
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Five University of California medical centers are working to recruit 100,000 woman for a major study on breast cancer.

Pathologist, Dr. Sandy Borowsky said women taking part in the "wisdom" study will be split into two groups. One that does mammogram screenings every year starting at the age of 40; while the other will take a more personalized approach, where screenings are based on risk level- which determined by an extensive questionnaire and the results of a DNA test kit.

“We really want to answer the question, 'What's the right screening level for an individual woman?' And we've learned it's not the same answer for every woman,” explained Dr. Borowsky.

Dr. Borowsky is serving as the principle investigator for the study at UC Davis Health.

Researchers are allowing women to choose which group they'd like to be placed in -- as long as they stay the course.

to participate.