Boys & Girls Club executive sits in freezer to raise money for Giving Tuesday

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- The Boys & Girls Club of Portage County launched their most ambitious #GivingTuesday campaign ever Tuesday morning. This year, the organizations is asking the community to help raise $15,000 for a new walk-in freezer for the Berard Center. Each year The Boys & Girls Club of Portage County serves about 80,000 meals between their seven locations. Each meal is made in the Berard Center and stored and in their one small freezer.

Kevin Quevillon with the Boys & Girls Club of Portage County sits in the freezer to try and raise money for a bigger on on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2019. (WSAW Photo)

To ensure all of the 2,000 Boys & Girls Club members are able to get in a good meal, the Berard Center is asking the community to help with their Grow Our Freezer, Grow Our Future campaign. Kevin Quevillon, the Boys & Girls Club of Portage County Executive Director said they are hoping to raise all the money on Tuesday for Giving Tuesday.

"It's too small. And we keep serving more and more kids at all of our locations. So, a bigger freezer will help us be able to store more food, receive more food donations and we can't reach the capacity that we need to have in serving more kids in portage county,” Quevillon said.

To help motivate the community to help the cause, the Boys & Girls Club decided to stick their executive director in the freezer for the day.

"They said 'Kevin, you need to go into the freezer and we're going to lock you in there all day until we raise enough money to get a new freezer'. So we need to raise $15,000 and until we do I'm actually going to be locked in this freezer all day,” Quevillon said.

They are hoping that with a new walk-in freezer, staff will no longer have to turn down donations, or strategically place every box they have inside.

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement that many organization nationwide will participate in today, encouraging community members to create change in the world.

To help the Boys & Girls Club of Portage County get a new freezer, you can visit their Website and click the Give Today button up in the right hand corner.