Black widow spider found in Wisconsin

Published: Jun. 26, 2018 at 9:29 PM CDT
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Experts say a spider found in Wisconsin was, in fact, a black widow. But, they're also saying you probably don't need to be too worried about it.

UW-Green Bay Professor of Biology Michael Draney collected a specimen which campers said was found inside a county park bathroom. He says it was a northern black widow. They're still rare in our area, and the chances of you getting bitten are slim. "It is possible that we're seeing more black widows now because of our warmer winters and our warming climate, the northern widow is at the northern edge of its range so this is about as cold as it can tolerate," he said.

He wants you to know the black widow is actually reluctant to bite. It's main defense mechanism is to play dead. When they do bite, it's rarely deadly, but it is painful. If you see one, just leave it alone.