Bike expert: Biking not just for the pros

Published: Aug. 23, 2016 at 10:09 PM CDT
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John Nowaczyk, of the Trek Bicycle Store in Wausau, Wis., talked with NewsChannel 7's Hannah Anderson and Jeff Thelen about how biking can be budget- and family-friendly.

Nowaczyk said there is a "pro cyclist" stereotype, where anyone riding bike only can if they ride a lot of miles regularly, with top-of-the-line cycling gear with an expensive bike, for example. However, he said that is not what is required or even near what they expect in the Wausau Wheelers.

The Wausau Wheelers are a recreational road bike club, offering a variety of organized group rides each Tuesday and Wednesday evening, generally from May until October, weather permitting, according to the club's website.

"The (Wausau) Wheelers are open to any level, any riding ability," Nowacyk said. "You don't even need to wear spandex if you don't want to."

If anyone has an old bike hanging in their garage at home, that bike may do, but if a biker isn't sure how safe, they can bring it into any bike shop in the area to get it tuned up.

Two upcoming events that the Wausau Wheelers will hold rides for the whole family include:

Bike for Honor Flight on Aug. 27

This event will help raise money for the Honor Flight by raising pledges and joining this event as a rider. The club also welcomes the help of club members for ride support and ride leaders. If you are willing to help out in that capacity, contact John Nowaczyk at the link to the right in this article.

The other event is during Irishfest on Sept. 10. For information on this fest, click to the link to the right.